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Anyway, this quick rush through the Ezekiel Tetrad has given me a chance to look at the four chapters in the light of all that has happened. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together in ways that surprise even me and make me think a bit about what is coming – and what needs to be said.

  • It is clear to me, now more than ever, that the Ezekiel Tetrad does NOT happen within the context of what we call “The Great Tribulation”. It is not connected in any way. The only connection that I can see is the fact that a massive Solar Flare would be the kind of catastrophe that would prompt the rise of world government. In fact, if America and Europe are ‘taken down’, eastern nations will be free to step in and rebuild Europe and America. (And in China, 666 is actually a lucky number.)
  • We can see the players in much, much greater detail.
  • We are so very close.
  • You need to prepare. The Super Solar Flare that comes at this time will devastate the planet. No one will be unaffected. We will need to think hard about what our roles will be in the aftermath.
  • These are not the only verses in the bible connected to this event, and they need to be looked at.
  • And, let’s not forget my bacon cheeseburger bet with my Jewish friends. When these events take place, proving that Jesus is the M’shiach, I want my bacon cheeseburger. And yes, you can get one in Jerusalem. (And, if I’m wrong, kosher hamburgers will be on me. Seriously.)

There’s a lot to see and do.

What an interesting time to live.

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