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So, that was what I believe to be the core of the promise that God has made towards Israel. We’ve seen the initial blessing. We saw the curse. And, we’ve seen how God will return Israel – the Children of Jacob – back to Himself. But, there are still more details to fill in.

We have not even come close to exhausting a tenth of what the Bible says about Jacob’s return to God. But before diving into those chapters and verses, let’s do a quick summary of what we’ve discovered so far:

  • God gathers the Children of Jacob into the physical Land of Israel.
  • A great army descends upon Israel and is destroyed by God.
  • A fire descends upon other nations and upon those nations that come against Israel.
  • The Children of Jacob rise up out of their spiritual graves and return to God, through the work of God.

Our focus is on that last point. Anywhere we see that the Children of Jacob return to God, we want to note that and examine the events that surround this moment in time. That will give us a better view of the future, for ourselves and for Israel.

So, let’s get going, since there’s a lot to see and do. And, we begin this trek through prophecy with…

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