Ezekiel Tetrad

If you read Ezekiel 36-39 in one sitting, one thing stands out. All four chapters are deeply connected by a single moment in time. Yes, they talk about different aspects of this occurrence. They, certainly seem to have a different from each other, especially as you go from 37 to 38. But, Ezekiel 36, 37, 38 and 39 are deeply tied together by a single astonishing event:

The Return of Israel to God.

In fact, I believe that these four chapters exist to specifically illuminate this moment and help us understand how close we are to its occurrence.

It’s such a big, earth-shaking event that it takes four chapters to talk about it – four chapters essentially focusing on the where, how, and when of the salvation of Israel. Think of it as a unit in four parts.

Normally, when you have a unit of four parts, you call it something. Readers call a series of four books surrounding a single plot to be a quadrilogy. (Publishers more accurately refer to that as a tetralogy) But, these are chapters and not books. Musicians call a group of four performers a quartet, and that has a good sound to it, except for the fact that we aren’t singing anything.

However, mathematicians have an interesting word for a unit with four parts. They call it a tetrad. And, since math is so closely integrated with our way of thinking and speaking, it is not illogical to borrow from that branch of science to label what must be one of the most important unit of four chapters in the bible:

The Ezekiel Tetrad.

And, the importance of this tetrad is highlighted by how much time the rest of the Old Testament (Tanakh) spends discussing the event and the events surrounding it.

For those of us that love the Jewish people, this is tremendously exciting to think about.  The people that we love and care for finally become our brothers and sisters in Christ in these four chapters. What an amazing thing to think about – and devote a website to.

But, what about those of you who are focused elsewhere?

Maybe you don’t especially care for the people of Israel. Maybe you have a heart for Kenyans, or Russians, or the French. Or maybe, God forbid, you don’t have a heart for much of anything. Why should you be interested in this, under these circumstances?

Well, I’m here to tell you that dramatic doesn’t begin to describe how this will affect you. In fact, everyone on Earth will be affected. It will literally shake the world.

You see, there are specific events that have been prophesied to happen at this time, and a careful examination of those events should give you cause for concern. In fact, it should do more than that. It should motivate you to take steps to prepare for disaster.

With this website, I hope to take you through the Ezekiel Tetrad and show you how current events in the world are shaping up to bring to life the prophecies connected to the coming of Israel’s salvation. At the same time, I will be showing how these events will affect you wherever you are in the world.

Join me as we walk through these four chapters. The times that we live in now are set to be both glorious and horrifying. How they turn out for you may lie in the decisions you make right now.

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