As I write this intro, events in the Middle East are moving towards war. Iran is accelerating her enrichment of Uranium, in the hopes of producing nuclear weapons. Those wishing to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons are pondering their options.

The Iranian leadership believe that it is their duty to bring back the 12th Imam, the Imam Mahdi, that has been living in secret – in occultation. They are fanatic Twelver Shiites that will do anything to fulfill their dream of a world ruled by the Mahdi, after the Earth has been drowned in blood.

Yes, I know that this sounds bizarre. It’s certainly bizarre to me, but you and I are not followers of Shia Islam. Therefore, we are stuck with having to deal with what the Iranian leadership believes, as opposed to what many would believe as reasonable. And, Twelver Shiism is far from anything that one would call ‘reason’.

Furthermore, the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s Sunni government has opened up a Shiite highway to the Mediterranean and a place called Israel. America was foolish to hand Iraq over to the Shiites, and that foolishness will leave the Middle East and the world scarred by war. More importantly, it has brought that war to the doorstep of prophecy.

That brings us to what this website is all about:

The prophesied return of the Children of Jacob to God.

The prophesied calamities that surround that return.

We have waited for the fulfillment of these prophesies for two thousand years. And the pages that follow should make it clear that we sit at the entrance to that moment in time. We stand at a landmark in prophecy. The problem is that far too many have toyed with the prophecies of the Bible, distorting them until they are unrecognizable.

That’s why I have gathered those chapters of the Bible that specifically address the Return of Israel to God, when the natural branches are brought back to their rightful place – Romans 11. My hope is that the description of this Return will become clear and will help identify the time when that event occurs. To my limited mind, it is clear that we are rapidly approaching that moment. And, it is my concern for your personal safety that compels me to do this.


The events surrounding the Return of Jacob will shake the world. War and natural disaster will leave very little of Earth untouched. It will be an incredibly dangerous time that will destroy civilization as we know it and prepare for the eventual arrival of the Antichrist and a new world order.

Some have looked at what the Bible has described and thought that such horror should reside within the short time that the Antichrist reigns upon the Earth. It is an understandable mistake, but a mistake nevertheless. Those of you who take the time to read what follows will be unable to fit all of that into such a brief moment in which the Antichrist rules.

The facts speak for themselves. The salvation of Israel cannot be during the time of the Great Tribulation. You might not agree at this moment, but you will when you have seen the evidence laid out before you. So, let me state unequivocally that…

Israel must be saved before – years before – the Great Tribulation arrives.

I am surprised at how controversial that statement is, so I hope that you were sitting down when you were reading it. And, if you thought that statement was controversial, the Bible has some surprises in store for you. So, keep reading.

Ultimately, the salvation of Israel is in the hands of God. The description in the Bible is truly miraculous. It is doubtful that any ‘Great Revival’ has ever occurred quite like this. Those who serve God in the midst of that event will be truly blessed. And no, this is not a call for ‘laborers’ to this ‘harvest’. God knows who will participate, and He has already called the chosen to the field.

So, if you haven’t been called to participate in this ‘Great Revival’, why do you need to read this?

Well, this website is also about those ‘prophesied calamities’ that I mentioned.

I’ve written about some of this in a book that I wrote, called:

Ezekiel’s Fire

That’s a more closely focused look at the events surrounding that moment in time, and you should think of this website as a companion to that book. I certainly do.

Will you survive what is coming?

Will you understand what it is that you see, when it does come?

Hopefully, as a Christian, you already have a passion for understanding the Bible. It’s a big driving force for why I wrote this. I too wish to understand the Bible as completely as possible. It’s why I wrote this. It’s why I read my Bible every day. And, in this age of deception, not understanding the Bible is a deadly, deadly problem.

You MUST understand the Bible correctly, or you will be in perilous danger.

So, if none of the above reasons move you to continue reading, the desire to understand this key event in our future should propel you forward. Even if you disagree with what I am saying, you will have a better understanding of WHY you disagree, which is an important thing.

So please, continue reading. Our next stop is the four chapters of the Bible that I call the Ezekiel Tetrad.  They lie at ‘ground zero’ for the time that is coming, and you really need to understand those four chapters.

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