Welcome to Ezekiel 36-39, the Ezekiel Tetrad – version 1.

In fact, I’m not even sure that I should call this version 1. It should more accurately be called a BETA version of what this website will be. However, this website will never actually be completed. It will always be changing as we learn more and more about what is happening, and how that fits in with what Ezekiel 36-39 describes to us.

Now, I notice that you have a couple questions. Why did I choose Ezekiel 36-39 as the core passages for discussing The Return of Israel? And, what is this Tetrad?

Well, I read my bible through every year – the whole thing, including the deadly boring parts that talk about who was born to who. And NOTHING sticks out at me like Ezekiel 36-39. These four chapters are the most impressive discussion of Israel in the last days that you will read anywhere in the bible. Other portions of the bible may illuminate many other different aspects of what happens, and I certainly discuss them. But, none of those other passages brings it all together like the Ezekiel Tetrad.

Ezekiel WHAT?

Yes, the Ezekiel Tetrad. Tetrad is a word more commonly found in mathematics. It means a unit with four parts. Merriam-Webster defines it like this: a group or arrangement of four.

Of course, I like my definition better.

I’d thought about calling these four chapters The Ezekiel Quartet, and it has a certain ring to it. But then, you might be expecting popular songs in four part harmony.

So, no Ezekiel Quartet.

I’d also thought about The Ezekiel Quadrad. It wasn’t as nice as the one above, and it had the added problem of making people think of certain equations in mathematics.

What’s left?


It does have a certain ring to it, and it’s pretty unique.

How many Tetrads do YOU know?

So, here we are.

I hope that you get something out of the site. I recommend that you start with my introduction to The Ezekiel Tetrad here.


  1. I found your page googling for Tetrads in relation to Ezekiel but not because of the 4 chapters. I’m relating Lunar Eclipse Tetrads to Ezekiel 37-39. Ezekiel 37 was fulfilled in 1949-50 (partial land) and continued through 1967-68 (Jerusalem). On these years, 2 Lunar Eclipses ocurred in 2 consecutive years both ocurring on Passover and Sukott on both years, both ocassions (49-50 and 67-68). The next Lunar Eclipse Tetrad is in 2014-15, also ocurring in both years on Passover and Sukott. I’m presuming it will be Ezekiel 38-39. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t ocurr at that time. Gen 1:14 says the Sun and the Moon were created to rule the day and night and also for “signs.”

    You know Iran (Persia) is itching to attack Israel and Russia (Magog) besides being a ally of Iran, wants Israeli gas (spoils). Right now, (11/2012) you have war in Israel, which provides excuses to attack. Since Obama’s reelection things have been happenning rather quickly and from different angles. Killer Storms, high level scandals, was, etc. Things are getting very insteresting in deed. Obama’s lack of support for Israel is what’s embolden these attacks from Gaza. The official statement about the war is that Israe has the right to defend itself and to hold restraint. No offer for support or againt attackers.

    God is becoming sensitively intolerant of any actions against Israel. For instance: Hugo Chavez cursed Israel “from the bottom of his gut” in 2010, in a video available on YouTube. In 2011 Chavez went to Cuba for cancer treatment. The cancer may be Prostate or Colon. Either way is localized at the bottom of his gut.

    You may be familiar with the parallel between Katrina Hurricaine and the Bush supported eviction of Jews from Gaza and West Bank properties.

    Also, the President of Egypt just went o Gaza to support the rocket launches by the Palestinians. When he went back home, he faced a disaster where a school bus was hit by a train killing 49 (7X7) children.

    Bill Koenig is a Christian reporter at the White House. He wrote a book titled Eye to Eye. He details relationship of American disasters with official support of Palestine.

    You know by now, that there will be no Palestinian state. The land will not be divided and when the Temple is rebuilt, there will be no side by side temples as suggested by an eschatological movie. God will remove the Dome on His time as the Jews wait.

  2. I’m concerned Ezekiel 38 is a parallel with Jeremiah 49-52.
    America is likely just another spiritual babylon, not nessisarily fufilling those chapters specifically, fucushima is possibly a “destroying wind” God has raised up against babalon, when the fuel pools light on fire soon and this will result in a pannicked evacuation of the west coast.
    Gog and Magog form a 200 million man army which will be at war with the united states, which is possibly the land of my people israel.

    note however this doesn’t fufill everything, the “Holy City” is obviously Jerusalem, which fufilled the prophesies in 1967, not 1948. take a look here for why: http://watchfortheday.org/wpimages/wpf4db6611_0f.jpg

    I was recently reading Zechariah, and you can almost make the case to say that all nations are gathered to attack the Holy City after two thirds of the whole earth is destroyed! i hope that’s not the case but it seems to me that only 1% or less make it through the tribulation.
    seems most people always assume the 200 million man army refers to the whole earth going to war with Israel.. i’m not convinced this is the case anymore, i think its just WWIII.

    Also note the 2520 year parallel to “destruction” with the formation of Zionism. there are a lot of “Hard” questions that Christians need to ask if we’re going to put too much emphasis on the “Holy” city Jerusalem, also reffered to as Sodium and Egypt. Revelation 11:8

    regarding the prior comment.. Hugo Chavez was likely the only Christian world leader left. he was rumored to be the only one out of 200 or more people that were present at a SRCS (satanic ritual child sacrifice) that allegidly went on in the backwoods of north carolina on the order of ten years ago.

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