About 80 chapters in the Bible talk about the return of the Children of Jacob to God. And, many of those chapters predict catastrophe for the nations of the world, at the time of this great salvation.

The question is…

…do we really know when the salvation of Israel happens?

We have a lot of theories about this moment in time, but our theories won’t protect us if we don’t prepare for what will come. I have described the cataclysm that will sweep the world in my book, Ezekiel’s Fire. You can find it, here:

The one thing that I neglected to do was examine the biblical evidence for the timing of Jacob’s Return. I did not realize how important that analysis was until long after that book was written. So, this book fixes that oversight.

Furthermore, I cannot assume that I am right. The vast majority of Christians believe that the salvation of Israel will happen after the Rapture and that ‘majority’ could be right. So, I have done my very best to keep an open mind as I have sought the truth on this issue. This book provides a record of this effort and a starting point for your own investigation.

We are very close to the time that the prophets have warned about for thousands of years. What was once a prediction, has now become headline news. So, as we looked at the gathering clouds, for the storm that is about to descend upon us…

…we need to be very, very sure that we know the truth about Jacob’s Return.

The best way to do that is to go straight to the Bible. Those books hold the truth that we are looking for.

So, join me as I comb through the passages that speak of the return of Jacob to God. I will analyze those that describe the specific moment in time in which that salvation comes and try to find out the truth.

When will Jacob return to God?

What will happen to those of us who ignore the warnings?


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